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Whole Founder’s proven strategies, training, and coaching help you unlock your team’s fullest potential.

Now that you're here...

Hi! I'm Gray, the founder of Whole Founder. 

But, let's not beat around the bush. 

You're on this website because you're hungry for growth.🚀

Not read my life story.

But in case you're interested, here's the short version...

I spent a decade working on some of the world's most exclusive yachts as a private chef. 

I left my day job to start a business that would create more freedom.

I co-founded a subscription-model healthy pet food business, and essentially ended up building myself another job, and the headache of managing a team of over 20. 

Not more freedom. Not more me-time.

Through years of trial and error, I learned first-hand what goes into building, scaling, leading, and eventually, selling a company.

Alright, alright... enough about me. I want to know about YOU. 

I want to help you build an epic team that will crush your goals for you and accelerate your growth...

You're reading this right now because...

In some way, shape, or form, your team is not where you want them to be. 

You feel like they’re not maximizing your company’s potential. 

And you’re not sure how to get them to think, act, and perform the way you want them to.

I’ve been there, and it sucks.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’ve probably poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your business because you want to get ahead.

Because you want more

More money.

More freedom.

More time with your loved ones. 

More vacations.

More memories. 

More first-class flights with your spouse to the Caribbean. 

I get it! But let me ask you a question… 

What if there’s a better way?

Less stress. Less micromanaging. Less busy workdays. Less un-satisfaction. Less not living up to your company’s potential.

What if you could end this nightmare and build a team you can actually count on?

Well, that’s why I created Whole Founder.

To help you build an epic team that will continue to run and grow your business for you.

Let me help you in a FREE, 1-on-1 strategy session. 

So, really…

How would you like to
build a business that runs itself?

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