Interview Follow Up: Selling the Sh*t Out of Your Company

Interview Follow Up

You have successfully interviewed your candidates and finally found your A-Player. It’s now time to get them on board with a good interview follow up!

This is the final stage in our 7-step framework for hiring A-Players for your company. A strong team of A-Players will be able to run your company for you, giving you the opportunity to unplug and create a better work-life balance.

I suggest starting with Step #1 in the process. This is where we look at defining the characteristics of your ideal employee.

Follow up on the Interview Status

How to do a good interview follow up for business owners

If you have followed the steps up until this point, you are likely to have interviewed top candidates and found your ideal new employee. This means you can finally relax and reap the rewards of hiring an A-Player…

…but not so fast!

You may have found your top candidate, but this is actually the point when you have a BIG chance of losing them! 

I know, it sounds crazy. They went through every stage of the hiring process, crushed all three interviews, and are now potentially turning down the job. They may not even follow up on the interview status!

But look at it like this. When you buy a new car, you wouldn’t just go to one dealer. More than likely, you would go kicking tires in dealerships across the region.

It’s the same for talented candidates searching for a job. They will apply for many positions simultaneously, and succeed multiple times. This means they have multiple offers – and you have to convince them that your company is the one for them. 

How to sell the sh*t out of your business

When reaching out after the interview, it’s time to sell your business to your candidate.

Firstly, this is when you emphasize and elaborate on the selling points you will have added to your killer job posting.

Remember, accomplished A-Players will want more than just employment – they want to have an experience and an adventure. Something that makes them want to jump out of bed and get to the office every day.

Do mention the basics like a good salary, but be sure to explain the opportunities to learn, grow and succeed in a company with a positive mission – whatever that may be.

Let them know how you will invest in their growth. Outline both how you see them growing within the company and talk about your ambitions for the company over the next few years.

Use their passions to your advantage

Additionally, in one of the three interviews you conducted, ask your candidate what is important to them – their passions, hobbies, family life, and so on. Make a note. When you know what makes them tick, you can use it to your advantage in the interview follow up.

For example, do they have two dogs? Do you have a dog-friendly office? This is the time to bring that up!

When it comes time to promote your company to them, you will then have a better idea of what you need to highlight in terms of benefits and perks.

This may be the autonomy to make their own decisions, flexible hours, free childcare, or unlimited kombucha in the staff kitchen!

Reaching Out After the Interview

Now you know how to do a good interview follow up

You have just put yourself in a great position for sealing the deal with your next top employee.

This step ends our 7-step framework for hiring A-Players for your company!

If you have followed the previous stages – including automating the hiring process – then you will now almost certainly have yourself a new A-Player ready to start on your team.

If you have questions on anything I have mentioned over the last seven articles, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love to hear from entrepreneurs and am always willing to help you shape your ideal life in business. Just email me directly at

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When you have found your A-Player, it’s time to sell the sh*t out of your company with a good interview follow up!

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