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My Story:

The Whole Founder began as a quest for freedom.

I wanted financial freedom. The freedom to travel, to spend time with friends and family, to create meaningful memories. 

Now that I’ve created it for myself, I couldn’t be happier.

But it took hard work and years of frustration. This is the frustration I want to help you avoid.

Let’s rewind…In 2016, I made a life-changing decision. I said goodbye to my cushy job as a private chef traveling the world on mega yachts.

Instead, I was going to cook dog food in a shower with my best friend.

That’s right.

Why on earth would I leave behind a life cooking for billionaires while sailing the seven seas, just so I could do the same for furry four-legged animals that lick their own butts?

The answer was that I’d had enough

As I whipped up yet another gourmet meal, something hit me. I was living somebody else’s dream.

I took a step back and considered what my life may look like 20 years down the road.

➡️ 15-hour workdays packed with stress, sweat, and sorrow
➡️ Cooking meals for somebody who would eat well regardless if I was there or not
➡️ “Yes sir/mam-ing” bosses who didn’t respect me or love their own jobs
➡️ Having a cap on how much money I could make, no matter how hard I worked
➡️ Taking a couple of weeks of annual vacation, where I didn’t even have enough time to de-stress before having to return to work.


To me, that didn’t look like freedom.

I wanted to do something I cared about. Something that filled me with pride and job satisfaction. Something that gave me purpose and true freedom.

After searching for opportunities for over a year, I found a solution: Start a business with my best friend, using our skills to create the freedom we craved.  

My idea promised:

➡️ Relaxing work environment

➡️ Ability to build something that was actually MINE


➡️ Limitless possibility on how much $$$ we could make

➡️ Work from anywhere and take more than one month of vacation

➡️ Do something that positively impacts the world

Sign me up, right?


With great pleasure, I walked up to the captain of the yacht and handed in my resignation. (I don’t even think he noticed). 

I was now finally FREE to do what I wanted.

Within the next few weeks, I…

➡️ Moved to Panama – an exciting country I knew nothing about
➡️ Started a subscription-model healthy pet food company
➡️ Invested all 7 years of my hard-earned savings into the business

We did everything you should when starting a business. For example, we created a minimum viable product (MVP) and maintained low overhead until we had paying customers.

We literally cooked dog food in the shower of a 50 sq ft maids quarters where we paid $300 a month in rent.

Our product wasn’t just good… it was GREAT. 

Turns out two private chefs deciding to cook dog food was a recipe for success!

We quickly had our first customers! Then 10 customers soon turned into 20, which then quickly turned into 50. Our customer base continued to grow and grow.

I couldn’t believe it. 

Business was so good that we soon opened our first manufacturing facility. We hired a team, bought manufacturing equipment, and opened a storefront!

We quickly broke $75k a month in revenue! INCREDIBLE, we were a real business!!

And you know what?

That’s when things began to break down…

Despite our impressive turnover, we realized we weren’t actually profiting and we couldn’t figure out why.

Our sales team was selling, but our operations team couldn’t keep up. Customers were leaving us and it just didn’t make sense.

We had to fire then rehire almost our entire team (all 25 employees by that stage!) because they were out of control.

We were spending more time managing people than growing the business.

Then, because of the mounting pressure and constant battles, myself and my partner began to fight with each other.

This wasn’t fun anymore.

The worst part was we were lost. The road became steep and icy, the night had drawn in, and we couldn’t figure out which way to drive.

I started to search for a solution.

I listened to hundreds of podcasts, read stacks of business books, and became obsessed with expanding my knowledge base so I could “fix the business”.

But no amount of knowledge seemed to help.

  • Even if I had the golden system, how could I possibly get my partners on board?
  • Even if I could get my partners on board, how could I get the team to start using the system?
  • Even if I got them all to start taking action, how could we ensure they were signed up to execute this plan day-in and day-out?

We were done.

Then, when things were at their bleakest, our marketing agency introduced us to a business consultant and advisor who helped us course correct.

Our new mentor Joey immediately identified what was going on: As soon as the going got tough, we had lost sight of our goals.

On top of that, we had no accountability system to hold each other and our team accountable to doing the things that really moved the needle forward.

So he had us document all of our top initiatives and helped us fix our finances. Suddenly, there was a new level of:

✅  Alignment
✅  Accountability
✅  Achievement
✅  Innovation
✅  Speed

It was incredible to watch how our employees showed up with a new sense of purpose when they knew how the work that they were doing impacted the company

It’s amazing how attitudes change when people know exactly what is expected of them.

As founders, we had a new sense of gratitude for the work that our team did because we could now measure success

That enthusiasm we had when we first started the company began to seep back into our day-to-day work.

The transformation was truly inspiring, allowing us to pick the torch up and carry it forward once again.

The business was a great success. In 2020, I exited the company and put more money in the bank than I had ever seen before. But here’s the reality:

Success without fulfillment is failure.”

– Tony Robbins

While the financial reward was simply awesome, the painful experience of turning my passion into profit made me realize that I never wanted to make those mistakes again.

I made the decision right then that I would make the time to build my next company the RIGHT way from the very beginning.  

You can’t just read a book and figure it out; you have to integrate the teachings into a business.  

I started The Whole Founder with one clear mission: to help you build a team of connected, goal-crushing employees that will run and grow your business for you.

I would love to hear about your company and how we can help YOU achieve the freedom you desire in all aspects of life, and create the impact you want to make in the world.

So what do we actually do?

We help entrepreneurs become “Whole Founders” — founders that have an aligned team in place that crush their goals for them.

You deserve to enjoy the freedoms entrepreneurship can create:

Freedom to travel.
Freedom to spend time with loved ones. 
Freedom to pursue your hobbies. 
Freedom to create more meaningful memories.
Financial freedom. 

Freedom to create a whole, fulfilled life…
and truly become a Whole Founder. 

We’re here to help you with our business; reach out by e-mail: success@wholefounder.com


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